Dimming curtain knowledge lazy bag! Understand the advantages and disadvantages in one minute

Dimming curtain visual effect is simple, easy to integrate into a variety of interior styles, so recently very popular, want to enjoy good lighting at home, but also hope to have some shelter effect of homeowners, perhaps suitable blinds for you. But before choosing a dimmer curtain, take a moment to know what to look for you.

Blind for you to choose——What is a dimmer screen?

Dimming curtain is a kind of double-layer weaving rolling curtain, with a dense weave and a hollow interleaving, so as to produce a line-like shape, also known as zebra curtain, which can adjust the brightness and shade of light as long as it is gently pulled. If the hollowed out place is aligned with the dense weave, can produce a shielding effect. Blind for you should be chosen carefully.

 On the contrary, if the dense weave is close to the dense weave, you can see the scenery outside through the hollow layer, and it can be completely closed up above the window when not needed, which is very convenient.

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The material and cleaning method of dimming curtain

The dimming curtain is mainly made of polyester fiber and glass fiber blend, so it is not easy to be contaminated with dust and dust mites, so it is relatively easy to clean, as long as the regular use of dry cloth or dust paper slightly wipe, or use a vacuum cleaner to suck a suction can be clean, if afraid of vacuum cleaner suction is too strong to destroy the dimming curtain, you can put a layer of thin cloth on the suction head of the vacuum cleaner to reduce suction.

Advantages and disadvantages of dimming curtains

Advantages: Easy dimming, can decide the space light and dark. With shelter effect. The visual effect is simple and neat. Easy to clean. 

Disadvantages: dimming curtain shading rate of about 85% to 95% (will leak light from the side seam), can not reach 100% shading, so if easy to be affected by outdoor light sleep people do not recommend installation in the bedroom. The effect of cold prevention and warmth is poor.

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Installation and points to note

1. The price of dimming curtain is only about 190 yuan to 360 yuan, and there is a price difference according to the material and origin. If there are budget considerations, you can ask more. 2. The size of the dimming curtain should be designed to be larger than the window, so that both the top and the left can be covered as far as possible to enhance the shading effect. 

blinds for you

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