Blinds for bay windows

A bay window is a beautiful rectangular or semicircular space that protrudes from the front of your home. In many cases, bay windows are a combination of small and large windows that allow for plenty of natural lighting. But sometimes the daylight can be a bit too intense and we need to install blinds for the bay windows.

Do you also want curtains for special places like window sills? But do you find this a daunting task? Then we’d love to help you make the right choice. So, we’ve put together some useful bay window decorating tips for you.

Bay window shutters

Shutters are popular and are often chosen for bay windows. This applies to wooden shutters as well as aluminum shutters. Both products work the same, but with a difference. The wooden structure of the wooden shutters is beautiful, creating a rustic and warm look. Aluminum shutters give your interior a modern industrial vibe.

blinds for bay windows

Both blinds can be easily mounted on the provided scissor brackets. Do your bay windows have large windows? Then we recommend you choose either 63mm wooden shutters or 50mm aluminum shutters. The larger the slats, the fewer slats you need to cover the window. This ensures a calm appearance.

Do you have tilt and turn windows? Then only aluminum shutters with side guides can be chosen. You can easily indicate this in your order notes.

blinds for bay windows

Pleated blinds for bay windows

  • Pleated blinds are a wonderful addition to bay windows. With a top-down, bottom-up system, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight and privacy. Most pleated shutters are also suitable for tilt and turn windows. Because of their versatility, pleated shutters are suitable for almost any window in a bay window.

Another advantage of pleated blinds is that they take up relatively little space, which means they can be fitted close together. Pleated shutters consist of a single pleat fabric and are available in sheer and translucent linings.

  • Is your bay window too hot on a hot summer day, or want more privacy? Then we recommend you to choose honeycomb blinds. Read below for more advice.

Cellular blinds for a bay window

  • Cellular blinds have the same effect as pleated blinds, but with a different fabric construction. The honeycomb shutter is a double-layer fabric structure, also known as a honeycomb structure. Dual fabric pleats provide insulation and give you more privacy. After installing cellular shutters on your bay window, you will soon notice a noticeable drop in the temperature inside the bay window.

Honeycomb blinds with a pleat width of 45mm are perfect if you have large windows. The larger pleat width, like the larger slats of the shutter, ensures a more composed appearance.

Roman blinds for bay windows

Roman blinds are the perfect addition to your bay window if you want window decoration with a stylish look and a high degree of user-friendliness. Our sheer and translucent roman shades filter harsh sunlight, ensuring you can continue to enjoy plenty of daylight. Translucent or blackout Roman blinds will be suitable for more privacy and darkening.


The beautiful folded fabric of our roman blinds hangs from the top rail, takes up very little space and can be hung side by side in very little space. This makes Rome blind, so also applies to places like conservatories.


blinds for bay windows

Duo blinds for bay windows

  • In addition to Roman blinds for bay windows, the most common window decoration is (double) roller blinds. Our (double) roller blinds are available with translucent and blackout inserts.

    Roller blinds can be used in bay windows in a variety of ways. Translucent roller blinds are perfect if you want more daylight. For complete blackout and privacy, choose blackout roller blinds.

You can choose between open and closed cassette roller blinds. Open boxed roller blinds take up less space than closed boxed roller blinds. The closed box has a luxurious finish that protects the operating mechanism from dust and possible damage.


Double roller blinds come standard with a closed cassette and two fabric strips. One fabric mesh is transparent and the other is translucent or blackout. These two curtains give you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of light and privacy in the bay window. The versatility of double roller blinds ensures that your bay window looks cool and can provide a real eye-catcher.


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