How to choose blinds for bathrooms?

blinds for bathrooms

The bathroom is a room in the house where we usually spend little time. However, sometimes we like to disconnect from the world with a good bath of hot water and foam, or with a simple relaxing shower. Blinds for bathrooms or bathroom curtains can help us create a personal and relaxing environment.

The type of lighting that we choose for the bathroom will be decisive when creating that atmosphere of privacy and comfort that we seek. Therefore, the blinds for bathrooms are a fundamental element for the decoration of this room. In addition, we must not forget that the bathroom blinds will be the ones that will protect us from unwanted glances when we make use of the most intimate room in the house.

How should the blinds for bathrooms be?

When buying blinds for bathrooms, it is important to take several aspects into consideration. We must bear in mind that it is a delicate area of the home since it is a room in which there will be humidity and that will require cleaning and special care. Normal fabric curtains are not recommended, as they will get wet every time we take a bath. Whenever you are going to choose bathroom blinds you should consider the following points:


The dimensions of the blinds for bathrooms are of vital importance because the humidity is generated in this room, and if we are not careful, fungal infections can occur. For this reason, the bathroom curtains must not touch the floor. It is recommended that there be at least 10 cm of separation between the blinds and the floor. The most practical thing is that the size of the bathroom curtains is adapted to the dimensions of the window.


To choose the material for our blinds for bathrooms, it is advisable to choose fabrics that do not absorb many mites, that are easy to clean, and that withstand humidity well. Otherwise, mold may end up on the blinds for bathrooms, and we should change them shortly.


In any room of the home, light is important, and in the bathroom, it would not be less. If we have little space, it is best to place translucent blinds for bathrooms, to achieve greater luminosity and thus generate a feeling of spaciousness. But we must take some precautions so it is recommended that we make sure that our bathroom curtains allow light to pass through, but without being seen from outside.


In an ordinary toilet or bathroom, the space is usually small, which limits us to using simple blinds in neutral colors. This way we will create a feeling of spaciousness. However, if we are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, we can afford elongated blinds for bathrooms with a colorful pattern.

Color of the blinds for bathrooms

By selecting the color of the blinds for bathrooms we will be deciding the type of space we want: a dynamic and passing place, or a relaxing place. A strong color, such as red or orange, will add energy to the place: Neutral colored bathroom curtains will make the bathroom a very relaxing place.

If we take these tips into account, our bathroom curtains will last much longer.

Types of blinds for bathrooms windows

In accordance with what we have just recommended, we have selected different types of blinds for bathrooms. These types of blinds would be ideal for a bathroom:

Roller blinds

This type of blinds for bathrooms takes up little space, making it perfect for small bathrooms. They also hold up to humidity very well, are easily cleaned, and let in a lot of light. An important detail is that we can decide the degree of openness. Thus we will determine the visibility from the outside, protecting our privacy. We recommend that the blind you select be blackout blinds fabric or that screen fabric opening factor 1%.

Folding blinds

With this blinds for bathrooms, we can easily adjust the amount of light that enters, in addition to safeguarding our privacy. They come in different colors, sizes, and patterns. The folding blinds work very well when we want to create a sober and elegant style in our bathroom.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds for bathrooms

Deciding on these blinds for bathrooms is a smart option. They are easy to use, but above all, they are very hygienic because their material does not absorb mites. To clean them we only need a damp cloth. In addition, with the aluminum Venetian blinds, we can achieve a minimalist decoration that will help us achieve a relaxing atmosphere in our stay.

Customizable blinds

Another option is to customize your blinds for bathrooms. Depending on the type of room you want to create, you can design your bathroom curtains with different elements. For example, you can capture a photograph of a paradisiacal beach for a relaxing bathroom. Or a design of different striking colors for a more dynamic and stimulating room.

It is also important to choose the bathroom curtains according to the decorative style of our bathroom. We will have to take into account that roller and Venetian blinds fit better in modern environments, while curtains are better for more classic and romantic environments.

The bathroom curtains, unlike the rest of the house, are short and without great frills in the confection, just covering the size of the window. We will choose fabrics and fabrics that are not very transparent since the bathroom is an area where we always need more privacy.

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How to Choose Blinds?



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