What are the precautions for installing blinds? What is the difference between blinds and curtains

For example, we need to protect our private life, shelter from the sun, or protect furniture from the sun. Each place in the family may need different types of curtains, and blinds and curtains we most often use, what is the difference between them? If we are going to install Blinds curtain, we understand what precautions can help us install them during installation. Let’s find out.

What are the precautions for Blinds curtain installation?

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1.Can’t use small transverse and thin-walled aluminum to make shutters. Some masters cut corners and replace regular aluminium window profiles with aluminum pipes. This will lead to a significant reduction in the power of the balcony aluminum windows. Shutters will not be able to withstand deformation and fall if you encounter strong winds.

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Blinds curtain

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Blinds curtain

What are the precautions for shutter installation?

The design should be reasonable, can not take the practice of large division for saving materials. It is recommended not to “fall” from the guardrail to the top of the large sash, we can install fixed and sliding Windows respectively. First install 400 mm to 500 mm fixed Windows in the upper part, and then install 1200 mm to 1300 mm sliding Windows below. Also, the sliding window should not be too wide.

Look at the specifications of the open and dark blind: the length of the dark blind (i.e. hanging from inside the window) should be the same as the height of the window. The width, on the other hand, is generally one inch smaller than the left and right of the window; The length of the open-end blind (i.e. the blind hanging outside the window) should be about 10 inches longer than the height of the window and about five inches wide from each window.

Blinds curtain

What is the difference between blinds and draperies?

Curtain characteristics: Curtain curtain personal feeling more affinity, it is not only affordable, the fabric pattern and color choice on the market is very much, easy to match with family walls, furniture, more widely used. Blinds characteristics: blinds are easier to clean than curtains, due to heavy fabric, cleaning up the trouble is relatively complex, of course, blinds also have a bad side, blinds are easy to damage, if the bedroom is best not to use, because sometimes if the close is not strictly possible exposure, but the study is good to use. 

The difference between shutter curtain and cloth curtain is only in terms of its function, its advantage is that the shading effect of shutter curtain is adjustable, and the shading effect of cloth curtain is fixed. If one or two blinds are damaged, they can be replaced, can be partially repaired, and cloth curtains are not easy to maintain. The noise is small when the blinds are closed or opened, and the noise is generally larger when the cloth curtains are opened or closed. If you want to do some secret things in the room, it is best not to use the blinds, because the blinds have gaps, and if you want to open it, it is fully opened, not like the cloth curtains that only open the left or right side.

Blinds and drapes which is better:

(1) blinds belong to a relatively simple way of blocking decoration, economical, and white can match a variety of wall colors, so there are many new houses are pre-installed with home blinds. The disadvantage is that there are gaps around and in the middle, and the shielding function is insufficient, which can not play the role of warmth and sound insulation; If there is dust, each blade needs to be cleaned, which is also relatively troublesome.

(2) The price of drapery curtains will be a little more expensive than ordinary blinds, especially when used in the room, it is very good, can block, warm, sound insulation, and decorative effects. If you observe carefully, most of the houses have fabric curtains, but usually open after we see the home shutters. In addition, the production habit of curtains is to use a layer of white yarn or add a layer of white lining, which uses the cloth of your favorite color, in order to look out of the window and the color of the home blinds is consistent, and the internal color can decorate the indoor environment. If you think of the 100% shading effect, you can add a layer of shading lining on the ordinary fabric.

Blinds curtain

Understand some precautions for the installation of shutters in advance, understand the advantages and disadvantages of shutters, so that we can use them for a longer time after enough installation; Through the above introduction, we already know that the difference between blinds and curtains is still very big, and play to their respective advantages to use different curtains in different areas.

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