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What are the precautions for buying the blinds black out you like? Read one by one so that you won’t be taken advantage of. Don’t be greedy for small things and choose cheap products. You can often see very cheap curtains in furniture stores. The price of only a few hundred yuan often makes people feel excited.

Curtain fabric depends on the price and demand:

Choose the blinds black out fabric carefully, because the price difference is bigger than you think, usually flannelette is the most expensive, followed by cotton and linen, and finally polyester. Choose the curtain material according to your needs. It is recommended that you do not install heavy flannelette. You can choose lightweight cotton and linen material, and add a sandwich layer for shading, which can take into account ventilation and ventilation.

blinds black out

Yarn is more expensive than you think:

Curtain Style:

According to different styles, there will be differences in different processes, which will affect the cost of curtain lathes. For example, traditional double-opening windows require less processing, and the wages will be lower. The cost of the entire blinds black out will also be higher than other types. Curtains are cheap, but Roman blinds need to be folded in the fabric surface, the required process is more time-consuming, and the cost of curtains will also increase.

Curtain Material:

The material of curtain cloth, curtain track, etc. will affect the calculation of curtain price. Natural fiber curtains and artificial fiber curtains will affect the price. The price of natural fiber curtains is higher, and artificial fiber curtains have become the mainstream of curtain cloth, and the price is also higher Low, widely welcomed by buyers.

Curtain Size:

Curtain manufacturers have several calculation methods, which are “cai” as the unit, a cai is 30*30 size, some will be priced by yard, 1 yard is 90 centimeters, some will be in feet, 1 foot is 30 centimeters, This part is also called the amount of fabric used. It is necessary to ask the manufacturer’s pricing method before purchasing to avoid subsequent misunderstandings. Therefore, when calculating the price of curtains, the amount of fabric used will be calculated based on the calculated curtain size, and the price will be calculated based on the material of the curtain. The amount of fabric used per piece x the unit price of the curtain is the amount required for the curtain fabric.

blinds black out

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