Research on the future development direction of the blinds and shades industry

In recent years, competition in the blinds and shades industry has also been fierce. In order for companies to remain invincible, the most important thing is product innovation. The specific ways can refer to the following.

“Material Innovation” of the blinds and shades industry

blinds and shades industry
blinds and shades industry

The fiber materials used to weave blinds and shades have developed rapidly in recent years. Among the chemical fibers, corn fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber, bamboo pulp fiber, and fibers with various functional materials are emerging endlessly. There is a single species, and there are also two or more materials. Among the natural fibers, bamboo fiber, pineapple fiber, palm fiber, and metal fiber are also under development. Natural fiber and chemical fiber are mixed, twisted, etc. can complement each other, creating new and unique style products. Blinds and shades made of textile materials combined with grass, bamboo, wood, plastic, metal, etc. will produce a unique effect.

“Process Innovation” of the blinds and shades industry

Innovate in chemical fiber spinning, spinning, weaving, and finishing. Such as the application of various textured yarns and slub yarns, the combination of yarn-dyed, jacquard, embroidering, applique, printing, and burnt-out processes, and the fabric is crimped, water-melted, flocked, sanded, napped, and coated Treatment and so on will give the blinds and shades a new image and feeling. The use of electronic inkjet technology will make the blinds and shades more personalized.

“Design Innovation” of the blinds and shades industry

The popular cycle of contemporary textile products is getting shorter and shorter. The design of blinds and shades is based on the selection of yarn materials, the improvement of weaving technology, and the improvement of finishing. The most important thing is the matching of patterns and colors. Patterns and colors must first consider fashion trends, the occasions they choose, and the people they use. For example, high-end hotels and restaurants require luxurious style, while general households want elegance and warmth. We should also design some products aimed at specific users, such as special blinds and shades for students of different academic years and different personalities. We can design some types that can concentrate and quiet, and we can also design some types that can broaden the horizons of knowledge, such as universe celestial bodies and animals. Paradise, plant kingdom, cartoon world, geographical knowledge, poetry and calligraphy model, etc. For people of different regions, nationalities, beliefs, and cultural levels, blinds and shades with both cultural insights and regional characteristics are also designed.

“Functional Innovation” of the blinds and shades industry

In addition to shading and privacy protection, blinds and shades should also develop more practical functions according to the location of use. If they are used in the bathroom, they should have a deodorizing function. It must have high efficiency, low toxicity, and flame retardancy. The blinds and shades used in hospitals should be antibacterial and mildew resistant to prevent cross-infection. Heat storage and thermal insulation blinds and shades can be developed for areas with large temperature differences. In the vast rural areas and mountainous areas, mosquito and insect-proof blinds and shades should be developed. For those who are frail and sick, we might as well develop some health-care and calming blinds and shades, which can create an environment conducive to human health.

“Talent structure innovation”

Although the production process and required technology of blinds and shades fabrics are the same as most textiles, they are mainly spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, but only in terms of appearance, the aesthetic requirements of its products are higher. Therefore, not only experts in textiles but also high-level artistic compound talents are needed to enrich the home textile industry. This group of people must understand both the textile technology and the artistic cell, and also have timely insight into the situation inside and outside the blinds and shades industry and manufacturer, and be able to innovate in the interior and appearance of blinds and shades. Only by cultivating its own composite innovation master can the blinds and shades industry transform from simple imitation and reference to independent innovation, and then climb the peak of the world blinds and shades industry.

“Sentimental Innovation”

Blinds and shades appear in people’s eyes every day. Therefore, in addition to being beautiful and warm, they should also have fun, and add some fun elements to the pattern design, material, and process selection. Such as the use of color-changing technology, luminous technology that can add new vitality to the blinds and shades. The blinds and shades industry can also be combined with electrical technology to emit beautiful music when moving, open and close regularly, achieve the effect of morning or hypnosis, and make it more humane.



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