What are the advantages and disadvantages of rolling curtains, how to choose?

Rolling curtains are generally set on both sides of the curtain at one end of the two pull rope, with a pull rope to manipulate the curtain closing, closing, just hold in one of the pull rope (generally the side pull rope) hands replace pull down, you can close the rolling curtain, if you want to open the blind day night, drive another pull rope (both sides pull rope), rolling curtain will open. Its basic principle is similar to the synchronous belt drive wheel, which is actually a rope to manipulate the expansion.

Advantages and disadvantages of rolling blind day night:

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Roll-up curtains have excellent light blocking and heat insulation, compared with the curtain to the greater advantage is that it does not take up the indoor space, some roll-up curtains can also install manual locks, the outside world can not be opened. The defects are also very obvious, the time is not very convenient, and the actual effect of shading is not as good as the curtain. The level of layering and beauty is not as good as the curtain. In addition, because the rolling curtain is generally light, a metal material bar is suspended at the bottom to smooth the rolling curtain, so when the cool wind blows the rolling curtain, the metal material bar will continuously make a sound against the window.

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How to choose the toilet curtain?

Sanitary ware curtains are generally used to protect privacy, and they are commonly used to carry out decorative design and data encryption. Toilet because of long-term wet and cold, if the choice of gauze curtain is very easy to grow mold, difficult to clean, generally choose PVC blinds, aluminum blind day night, waterproof, environmental protection, easy to clean the curtain.

Beautiful roller blinds

Life balcony or bedroom how to choose rolling blind day night:

Living balconies or bedrooms generally use rolling blind day night to block the sun, prevent ultraviolet irradiation of furniture, to avoid premature aging of furniture. Life balcony long-term sun rain, with polyester polyester cloth and PVC generated curtain curtain is more common, this kind of material is more durable, can efficiently block UV light, do not harm through the curtain to enjoy the scenery outside the window.

Types of rolling blind day night:

Manual curtain Manual curtain structure is simple, easy to operate, with different performance of fabrics, can achieve scenery, light transmission and full shading effect, widely used in business office buildings, hotel rooms and factory buildings, workshops and other buildings indoor facade shading. Manual rolling is a common tool in our lives.

An electric rolling curtain motor can drag several rolling curtains at the same time, saving investment. The control of the electric roller curtain can be controlled by wired control or wireless remote control, and can also be incorporated into the intelligent automatic control system of the building. The action of the electric rolling curtain can be selected to operate alone, or to select group action or partition action.

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