you get what you pay for! The higher the price of dimming curtains, the better the shading effect?

Have you installed bleking roller blind yet? Next, the editor will introduce the most popular curtain styles in recent years. Dimming curtains are also called zebra blinds, which are also an improved version of roller blinds.

Uncover the true face of dimming curtains

Advantages of dimming curtains:
It meets the needs of life such as dimming and privacy, and the size of the curtains can be adjusted.
Dimming curtains are very beautiful, choosing the right color of dimmer curtains can blend with any style
Does not take up space, the bleking roller blind is small

bleking roller blind

Dimming curtain needs to know:

The shading effect can only reach 80%~90%
Poor ventilation, half of the cloth surface is not ventilated
It is not suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows where people will come in and out, because it is inconvenient to close the curtains every time you want to go in and out.

bleking roller blind

Dimming curtains also have other advantages, such as the flat surface of the curtain, which is not easy to accumulate dust and dust mites, and is very easy to clean.

Moreover, the installation price of dimming curtains is actually not high. It is similar to the price of traditional curtains, and a little higher than roller blinds. It is a curtain style that petty bourgeoisie can also choose. Next, the editor will introduce the price of dimming curtains. Let you better estimate your budget.

Dimming curtain price range

Dimming curtains are divided into Korean version and non-Korean version. The reason for the need to divide the publication type is because the manufacturing technology of dimming curtains was first invented in South Korea more than ten years ago. Guaranteed, its newly developed styles have both modern aesthetics and functionality, and the manufacturing process is more refined.

Another factor that affects its price is the shading performance. In fact, it is very impractical to rely on dimming curtains to completely block the light, but we can still choose materials with better shading. Therefore, the place of origin and the degree of shading are the two keys that affect the dimming curtain.

Choice 04. Roller blinds or panther blinds: Electrostatic precipitators to remove surface dust

Roller blinds are mostly made of polyester fiber, which is waterproof and light-shielding, and is not easy to get dust and has few dust mites. It is especially suitable for people with allergies. In recent years, the zebra blind design that can be dimmed has been extended, so it is also called “dimmable curtain”, and it has become the favorite style of interior designers nowadays. 

bleking roller blind

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