Which blackout window-shades will darken the interior?

In the bedroom or living room, daylight can disturb you. Through this article, we recommend the best blackout window-shades to solve your problem and you can pick the blackout window-shades you want.

Choose blackout window- shades

If you want to darken the room, you will first need a shade cloth. What is a shade cloth? Blackout fabric is a fabric that leaves no light or sight, it makes total darkness. A very thick fabric made of PVC constitutes the canvas. It is sometimes covered with a layer of fabric, sometimes in two colors. This opaque fabric is perfect for bedrooms.

blackout window-shades

Canvas placed near the window

To be effective, blackout window-shades must be placed as close to the glass as possible, even directly on the sash. Using adhesives or specific supports, shades can be placed directly on windows without drilling holes. The advantage of UNITEC’s blackout  shades is that they can be fastened directly to the window, as close to the glass as possible. Best of all, they don’t require any drilling. Adhere them directly to the top of the window using the double-sided tape placed on the back of the blackout shades. Therefore, if the window has square beads at right angles, daylight will not pass above or to the side of the blackout window-shades.

Advantages of UNITEC blackout window-shades

1. Easy to lay

2. Zero holes, zero screws

3. Side swipe to improve darkness

4. Motorized by chain, straight pull or even automatic motor

Note that the UNITEC pleated shutter is special in that it can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top. So, you keep the light coming in from above from being seen.

blackout window-shades

Night roller blackout window-shades

  • The Night roller blackout window-shades has a fabric penetrating channel and a flat bottom bar, making it one of the best blackout shades for darkening a room. Its opaque canvas prevents light from passing through, and the side guides reduce the entry of light.

    Above all, this roller blackout shades are the blackout shades par excellence thanks to its guides and its specific weight bar. The blackout canvas is tucked in behind the scenes on each side and prevents light from entering. It is a simple and elegant blackout window-shades that is operated by chain.

Blackout honeycomb pleated blackout window-shades

The pleated blackout window-shades with a honeycomb structure or also called a honeycomb has an insulating fabric. In addition, this fabric is appreciated to make the dark in a room thanks to an aluminum face which blocks the light.

The honeycomb pleated blackout window-shades has several advantages:

1. It has a wide variety of technical and decorative fabrics

2. Very small footprint once reassembled

3. Fabric closer to the glass reduces light passing through on the sides and above

4. It is easy to install and adapts to many windows

Roman blackout window-shades

The Roman blackout window-shades gives a natural or modern style to your interior. With an opaque fabric, this blackout shades placed close to the window guarantees ideal blackout for a bedroom. In addition, this blackout shade has a wide range of colors and materials.

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