A must-see for beginners! Know the characteristics and disadvantages of common curtains, and guess which curtains are the most hated by dust mites?

In addition to the orientation and layout of a good house, indoor lighting and ventilation are all factors that need to be considered. Whether there are buildings on the left and right, the distance between buildings, the width of the fire lane, and the size of the windows are all things that should be paid attention to when appreciating the house. Details, with a perfect layout, lighting, ventilation, and sufficient indoor lighting conditions, the “curtains” with shading and temperature adjustment are the key points! There are hundreds of types of blackout shade options on the market, do you know their respective functions and effects? Through the following analysis, follow the editor to find the most suitable curtains for your home!

Type 01. Cloth curtain/folding curtain

The most common cloth curtain is almost a must-have software for every household, and it can also be called “discounted blackout shade options”. The reason why it is so common and versatile is that its track can be extended and bent freely, which can solve many layout considerations; It turns out that the fabric can choose the appropriate pattern according to the interior style, so whether it is simple tonality, luxurious style or classic elegance, you can easily get started!

The disadvantage is that it needs to be completely disassembled and ironed, and it is inconvenient to clean. And textiles will accumulate dust mites, so regular washing is an inevitable step. In addition, if you have furry children or cats at home, you should avoid choosing jacquard, Style the yarn so as not to ruin the overall look.

blackout shade options

Type 02.Snake curtain

One of the most common blackout shade options in designer houses is the “snake curtain”. The foldable and neat snake curtain, whether it is a large snake with a large bend or a small snake with a small bend, has its own unique style. Followers, because there are many kinds of designs and colors, you don’t have to worry about the style, because it is also the material of one of the popular all-match styles.

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The Difficult Point Of The Snake blackout shade options Is The Installation Condition. The Snake Curtain Is Usually Designed With A Curtain Box, Otherwise The Exposed Track Will Affect The Visual Appearance, And The Snake Curtain Has A High Standard For The Curtain Box. Single-Layer Curtains Must Reserve 15-20 Cm. Layers Should Be 30 To 45 Centimeters. In Addition, In Order To Maintain The High Quality Of Folding And Folding, It Is Up To The Homeowner To Arrange It Manually, And The Cloth Curtains Must Also Be Cleaned And Ironed Regularly To Reduce The Health Hazards Of Dust Mites And Dirt.

Type 03. Blinds

The most attractive style in the curtain industry is blinds! It has the functions of good ventilation and sunlight adjustment, and has many family members for the public to choose from. In addition to the general aluminum louvers, wooden louvers, imitation wood louvers, and cloth louvers can all be selected according to the interior style, so whether it is country style or classical style , Japanese style, Nordic style or luxury style, the blinds are very familiar!

However, it is also recommended that you try not to install blinds at entrances and exits that are frequently entered and exited, because aluminum blinds are easier to bend, and there are drawstrings on the left and right sides. People with children or pets at home should pay special attention to home safety concerns. You can fix the wires , to reduce the probability of problems.

Type 04. Honeycomb curtain / organ curtain

Honeycomb curtains are also called “organ curtains”. If you want to choose the best functional curtains, you have to mention honeycomb curtains, which have high-efficiency heat insulation effects and indoor heat preservation effects. Quite impressive! The top-opening design can keep the space transparent and maintain the privacy effect at the same time. The shading effect is also good.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance of honeycomb curtains/organ curtains, it is recommended that you use dust-removing electrostatic paper or a stick to wipe them regularly. Simple and textured!

blackout shade options

Since it does not need to be disassembled and cleaned, the cleaning method is also very simple. You can directly use the electrostatic precipitator to remove the dust on the surface of the roller blind or zebra blind in a “zigzag” shape from top to bottom. Use soapy water on particularly dirty areas, wipe with a slightly damp cloth, and let air dry.

Type 05.Dimming curtains/zebra blinds

As the name suggests, the curtain is called “zebra curtain”. Its shape is like a zebra pattern. The eye-catching and special shape once caused a sensation. If you want to simplify the decoration, the editor highly recommends the dimming curtain because it is cheap and unique. And the ability to adjust the light source is also very good, it is not easy to accumulate dust mites, people with allergic babies and family members, it is recommended that you can choose dimming curtains/zebra curtains. The disadvantage is that it cannot completely block the light, and the ventilation effect is limited. The metal hem is easy to generate noise due to fluttering. Friends who want to install dimming curtains/zebra blinds can carefully evaluate the conditions at home!

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