The extent to which dimming curtains are suitable for home space

Are dimmer curtains suitable for bedroom installation? What about the living room or the bathroom? Where can the dimming curtain be installed to give full play to its greatest advantages? Now I will tell you the feasibility of installing blackout shade for door in your home space.

Suitability of dimming curtain study room★★★★★

Dimming curtains are very suitable for installation in the study room, because the study room is an area with a very high demand for natural light, and the space of the study room is generally small. Installing the dimming curtain can save a lot of space and make the study room look cleaner and more comfortable. The sunshine pours into the study room, which is super atmospheric! It is recommended to install blackout shade for door in the study room.

blackout shade for door

Suitability of dimming curtains in the living room★★★★☆

Dimming curtains are installed in the living room. You must consider the style of your living room windows. If it is a floor-to-ceiling window, it is not suitable for installing dimming curtains, or it needs to be cut and installed. But if the window area is not large, it is actually very suitable to install dimming curtains in the living room! You can adjust the amount of light you want according to the time and the angle of the sun, making the living room more warm.

blackout shade for door

Dimming curtain suitable for the bedroom ★★★★☆

Although the shading degree of dimmer curtains is moderate, as long as the color of dimmer curtains is selected correctly, the suitability of dimmer curtains in the bedroom is very high! In addition, when installing, it should be as close as possible to the window edge, so that there will be no light leakage affecting sleep.

The advantage of dimming curtains in the bedroom is to make people’s biological clock more stable, because the human body mechanism actually needs sunlight to wake you up, and too high shading is actually not good for sleep! Of course, if your bedroom windows are facing light sources such as street lamps and signboards, the dimming curtains may not be enough to shading the bedroom, so you still need to adjust according to your bedroom environment.

Dimming curtain bathroom suitability ☆☆☆☆

Although dimming curtains are easy to use and easy to clean, they are actually not suitable for water! For cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth. If it is installed in the bathroom, frequent contact with water will cause deformation, so it is better not to choose dimming curtains for curtains in the bathroom!

Since it does not need to be disassembled and cleaned, the cleaning method is also very simple. You can directly use the electrostatic precipitator to remove the dust on the surface of the roller blind or zebra blind in a “zigzag” shape from top to bottom. Use soapy water on particularly dirty areas, wipe with a slightly damp cloth, and let air dry.

At this time, it is best to mark the knotted place with a red pen, and tie it after washing. It is more convenient to go back. Then, after removing the bottom steel bar and the thin iron bar, you can take off the Roman shade and send it for dry cleaning. Then follow the disassembly steps to reverse and install.

blackout shade for door

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