Home roller blind installation method

Decoration is also a technical job. Some people will buy soft furnishings and install blackout roller blinds outside mount by themselves, which can save a lot of money. Let’s learn how to install home roller blinds.

Installation method

1. Install blackout roller blinds outside mount accessories: Determine the left and right direction of the head and the vertical direction of the pull bead. The bead head can be rotated, corresponding to the lifting after side loading and top loading respectively.


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2. Head installation: compare the roller blind with the window, and after finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screw on the window frame or wall, and use the screws to tighten the left and right head screws on the window frame or wall, and place no The rotatable module on the head of the pull bead is lifted. Another method is to place the roller blind in the window frame. After finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screws on the top of the window frame, and use the screws to lock the left and right head screws on the top of the window frame respectively. The rotatable module on the head without the pull ball is lifted.

3. Installing the track: first insert the right end of the upper rail into the head with pull beads, and then put the left end of the upper rail into the head without pull beads. Then buckle the opened rotatable module, confirm that the roller blind will not fall or move easily, and the installation is completed. Then gently pull down the bead curtain on the front side, and the roller blind will automatically rise. Finally, pull down the bead curtain on the rear side to control the descent of the roller blind.

Recommended types of common roller blinds

1. Pull bead roller blind

Pull bead roller blinds are widely used in home life, mainly composed of shaft wheels, bead wheels, reels, torsion springs and other hardware accessories. Its working principle is to use the bead chain pull type operating system to drive the bead wheel to rotate by pulling the bead, so that the shaft wheel rotates along the reel and drives the roller blind fabric to move up and down. The price of bead rolls is relatively favorable, and the market price is generally around 15-30 yuan/square meter.

The Surface Of This Pull-Bead Roller Shutter Aluminum Tube Has Been Treated With Baking Paint And Plastic Spraying Process, So It Has Excellent Weather Resistance; The Material Is Exquisite, And Polyester Fabric Is Selected, Which Has The Characteristics Of Ductility, High Temperature Resistance And Oil Resistance; Pom The Pull Beads Made Of Environmentally Friendly Materials Have Been Tested To Show That The Life Of The Pull Beads Can Reach More Than 30,000 Times, So There Is No Need To Worry About Easy Damage During Use.

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2. Spring shutter

Spring roller blinds are also called semi-automatic roller blinds, with a built-in spring design in the tube, the spring roller blinds can be lightly bounced back to the top of the curtain, the operation is fast and convenient, and you can stay where you want. The market price is generally around 20-35 yuan/square meter.

The Support And Positioning Of This Spring Roller Blind Adopts Aluminum Alloy Upper Beams, Which Can Still Maintain A More Uniform Speed When The Curtain Is Closed And Rises, Avoiding The Phenomenon Of Shortened Service Life Caused By The Fast Rewinding Speed Of Traditional Roller Blinds; The Adjustable Limit Device Makes The Spring Roller Blind Curtain Closing Can Stop Automatically, More Neat And Uniform, Suitable For Small Windows Within 3m*3m.

3. Electric roller blinds

The electric roller blind is an upgraded version of the roller blind. Its working principle is powered by a tubular motor to achieve a motorized roller blind mechanism. The operation method is very simple, just turn on the power supply, and it is silent and stable during the working process.

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The Rolling Tube Of This Electric Roller Shutter Is Selected From High-Quality Aluminum Alloy Profiles, So It Has Higher Strength And Is Not Easy To Deform After Long-Term Use; The Surface Of The Rolling Shutter Tube Is Anodized, Which Is Anti-Aging And Corrosion-Resistant. The Bracket Is Made Of High-Strength Alloy Steel, Which Has High Bending And Shear Strength, Ensuring The Safety And Reliability Of The Installation And Use Of The Mechanism. The Market Price Of Electric Roller Blinds Is Generally Around 80-120 Yuan/Square Meter.

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