Electric roller blind installation method

With the rapid development of intelligent control and smart home, blackout pull down shades amazon are becoming more and more popular, but the installation problem has always caused everyone a headache. Today, I will tell you about the installation steps of electric roller blinds:

Installation steps

1. Check the quantity of goods. Generally, the electric roller blinds ordered by customers from Tengfei have already been made into finished products. After receiving them, they only need to check whether there are installation brackets (one pair for each electric roller blind) and remote control.

2. After determining the installation method, draw a line to determine the installation location. Generally, when designing blackout pull down shades amazon, it has been determined whether the installation method of the roller blinds is top installation or side installation. Now you only need to use a level to find the level, and draw lines to determine the horizontal and vertical installation positions of the bracket.

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3. Drill holes or tap self-tapping screws to fix the mounting bracket and fix the finished electric roller blind.

4. Connect the power cord and loosen the tape tied on the electric roller blind. Generally, the finished products of Tengfei’s electric roller blinds have been aligned and the stroke has been adjusted according to customer needs. Therefore, after the bracket is fixed and powered on, it can be used directly.

5. Power on the motor and start debugging. If the electric roller blind received by you is powered on, but there is no response when using the remote control, you should first check whether the motor has power? Is the remote control powered on? If there are, it means that the motor has not been correctly coded with the remote control. For the code pairing method, please refer to the relevant steps: remote control code pairing method

6. If the roller blind runs off, please fine-tune the iron sheet of the mounting bracket to make the roller blind level. If the deviation still occurs, please put the roller blind on the bottom, and stick adhesive tape on the left or right aluminum tube, gradually Adjust it so that it doesn’t wander off.


7. If the stroke of the roller blind is wrong, please refer to the related video: Adjusting the stroke of the tubular motor

There are several key points for electric roller blind stroke adjustment:

1). Determine which knob is for setting the upstroke and which knob is for setting the downstroke. To adjust the up/down stroke (increase or decrease) you only need to adjust the corresponding knob. This step is the most critical, and the following operations are based on this step.

2). There is an arrow next to each knob. Rotate along the direction of the arrow to increase the stroke, and rotate against the direction of the arrow to decrease the stroke.

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3). It Is Necessary To Adjust The Stroke Knob When The Roller Blind Is Moving, That Is, Adjust The Downstroke When The Roller Blind Moves Downward, And Adjust The Upstroke When The Roller Blind Moves Upward.

4). Pay Attention To The Use Skills, You Can Quickly Adjust The Upper Stroke, That Is, Remove The Lower Beam, Let The Roller Blind Move Upwards To A Natural Stop, So That The Upper Stroke Is Set (That Is, No Need To Control It Through The Adjustment Knob), Put The Upper And Lower Beams, And Connect It Is OK To Go Down And Set The Down Stroke Separately.

5). The Motor Is A Mechanical Stroke Knob, Which Rarely Fails Unless You Violently Adjust It And Destroy The Mechanism. So If The Adjustment Knob Does Not Respond, Try To Check Whether You Have Violated The Above Operating Procedures Or The Motor Is Overheated

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