blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81

Blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 is a plain-weave blackout roller blind fabric, made of 100% polyester fiber, with acrylic coating, with fine texture and soft luster, and then coated with acrylic foam on the back Change the room.

Blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind

blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 series is a newly designed plain weave roller blind. It is made of the latest high-quality raw materials. Yarn is imported from South Korea, and coating slurry is imported from Australia. The high-performance fibers used in these materials include high-strength polymer fibers and even some selected high-strength natural fibers. Therefore, the surface of the fabric is very smooth and the color is very bright. At the same time, the fabric lining is also coated with colored foam. Therefore, this fabric is usually used in bedrooms and spaces requiring absolute darkness, such as living rooms, offices, shopping malls, etc.

This blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 is very fashionable and can give people a good mood. For multifunctional jacquard blackout, roller blinds can block the ultraviolet rays of the sun and block noise. Reasonable price and wide range of uses. Household blackout roller blinds, office blackout roller blinds, airport plain weave blackout roller blinds

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1. Yarn: own purchase: control product quality from the source (Mainland, Taiwan, India, Pakistan)

Inspection: Use a machine to check the strength and toughness of the yarn

2. Weaving: a weaving factory with shares. (Machine, half domestic and half imported from Germany)

3. Dyeing factory: cooperative factory

4. Coating: own factory (4 production lines, 2 purchased from Taiwan, 2 purchased from Korea-Zhaofeng Coating Machine)

 Roller blind fabric description:

blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 is the first choice.

 blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 has excellent heat reflection performance, which helps to maintain an energy-saving environment and a comfortable living environment. Very suitable for offices, houses, bedrooms, movie rooms and other places where privacy is required. Because when you put down the roller blind, there will be a very quiet space, because the blackout roller blind will block external noise

So, what is blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81?

You need to check its thickness and feel. Roller blinds usually have two layers, and sometimes four layers are found. This is a technical method that is discussed layer by layer. The more layers of the blind hole fabric, the smaller the chance of finding a pinhole. The hole will project a quiet beam of light, thereby destroying sunlight during the fabric weaving process. Fortunately, blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind is UNITEC’s specific roller blind fabric, and UNITEC is the leading manufacturer of blackout roller blinds fabrics. Therefore, the fabric was made into 6 layers. There are two layers on the front and four on the back.

Regarding blackout double-coated plain weave roller blinds URB81 series colors, we can provide customized colors, and we have produced 30 colors. You only need to send a color number and we will provide a color matching example.

Blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind

About blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 will help you sleep better, we recommend that you especially use it in the bedroom. Many parents like to put a blackout curtain in the child’s room, because if you take a nap during the day, it will darken the room.

However, there are other benefits of measuring the Shading double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81. It can also help you fall asleep. The thicker fabric reduces the noise level of the outside world and becomes a noise barrier to the outside world. Obviously, you will still hear some noise, but the fabric has a sound insulation effect and is always good for light sleepers.

In winter, due to the use of blackout roller blind fabrics, less heat is emitted and cold air cannot enter the room. The fabric acts as an insulating layer, so it will keep one side of the air-conditioning window and not allow it to leak into the room. But in summer, heat enters the room slower because thicker fabrics can block the room, and some fabrics have a white backing, usually PVC, which reflects most of the heat back to the windows.

Blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind

Why is blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 suitable for houses?

With excellent heat and reflection properties, it helps maintain an energy-saving environment and a comfortable living environment. Using high-quality raw materials, the warranty period is 4-5 years. blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 is not only used for blackout, but also flame-retardant and waterproof. Suitable for colored acrylic paint. It has a variety of colors and can be used with other UNITEC series, and can be used with sunscreen roller blinds, vertical blinds and zebra blinds.

blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 is characterized by providing maximum privacy in any space, completely isolating external light, and having high resistance. They are also easy to clean and install. Since its design allows the fabric to be rolled up and hidden, other advantages will not take up too much space. Its operation is very simple because it can be done manually by pulling the chain, or it can be done automatically with a remote control that allows you to move up and down, and it can be operated electrically, which is very simple and convenient

For quality assurance:

The blackout double-coated plain weave roller blind URB81 has a 5-year quality warranty. When placing an order, the pre-production samples will be sent to you for approval before mass production. After mass production is completed, you will get a sample of the finished product and then load it into the container.

What we do if the goods didn’t pass the test?

1 Arrange for re-production (Focus on quality inspection during production based on test results)

2 Fabrics that have not passed the test are converted to domestic sales and sold to finished product factory.

What should we check before loading?

1. Quantity: We check the quantity of the entire order and randomly check the quantity.

2. Packaging: We check whether the packaging is intact.

3. Label: We check whether the label is complete.

4. Size and function: We measure the width and number of rolls.

5. Color: We use a spectrometer to check the color.

6. Shading performance: We use strong light to test the shading performance.

7. Flatness: We check the flatness of the fabric on the long table.

8. Skew and cupping/curling: We make finished blinds to test the performance of skew and cupping.



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