Cloth curtains are strong in shading but difficult to take care of. Roman blinds are layered but troublesome to maintain. Experts disassemble the pros and cons of 5 types of curtains

Curtains are generally divided into blackout blind easy fit and cloth curtains. The former refers to curtains made of cloth, such as cotton, rayon, silk, etc.; while hard curtains refer to blackout blind easy fit such as venetian blinds and honeycomb curtains. Generally, there are 5 types of curtains that are common in Hong Kong families, including Roman blinds, roller blinds, zebra blinds and venetian blinds.



The size of the fabric is elastic, suitable for large windows such as floor-to-ceiling windows
There are many functional options, choose different fabrics to meet different shading requirements
There are many styles and colors to choose from: there are geometric patterns, floral patterns, dark patterns, etc. to match different decoration styles

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Difficult to take care of: the curtain needs to be removed to clean the entire curtain, and it may be difficult for ordinary households to clean it in a washing machine with a smaller capacity.

Roman blinds

It is mainly sewn from a piece of fabric, and is driven up and down by the drawstring and ring buckle, thus creating a layered effect of folding layer by layer.


Strong sense of hierarchy


High price: due to the complicated turning process, the price is higher among many curtains
Complicated maintenance: Due to the large number of accessories, multiple parts need to be disassembled repeatedly to clean

Roller blind

Roller blinds are mainly used to raise and lower the curtains during the rolling process through the rolling shaft. It is commonly used in offices, and sometimes it is also suitable for small windows, such as thin windows in rooms.


There are many functional options, and different fabrics can be selected to achieve three types: transparent and transparent, transparent and non-transparent, and full shading
It is easy to take care of. If you choose polyester fiber material, it can also be used in wet places such as toilets and bathrooms. Generally, wiping can also clean the surface dust, which is more convenient to take care of.

The width of the roller blind is limited, and the large area of the window may cause light leakage between the curtains

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Zebra blinds

The main material is fiber cloth, which has an extra layer of material compared to roller blinds, which can achieve light transmission and full shading effects when going up and down


Easy to care, not easy to accumulate dust, just wipe it lightly

with width limit
Because it is composed of multiple layers of materials, it is prone to light leakage

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Venetian blinds

The main materials of venetian blinds are aluminum, wood, bamboo, and plastic. Each material has different widths. The light and darkness of the space can be controlled through the rotation of the blades, and the entire curtain can be pulled up to transmit light. Cooperate.


Easy to take care of, since the material does not belong to the fabric, it can be wiped with ordinary water
Adjustable indoor light and dark
Semi-transparent function, although most of them are opaque materials, but you can drill a hole in the middle of the aluminum sheet to achieve a semi-transparent effect

The width is limited, and there will be gaps between each curtain to cause light leakage, and it may not be suitable for large-scale use
Compared with curtains, there are fewer styles

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