A good helper for budget balance: Roller blinds are really cheap and easy to use? The advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds are summarized!!

Why did I take the time to write this scrolling article that seems to have no combat effectiveness?

Seriously, just for you guys! Readers on the Internet want to know blackening blinds , I’ve been asked too many questions, so why not explain clearly at once?

Advantages of roller blinds:

1. The shape is simple and simple, which is easy to match with Nordic style or Japanese minimalist style, and the loft industrial style can barely match it.

2. It is ultra-thin and does not take up your space! Especially when you are near the window in front of your desk or next to your bed, it is really a good consideration!

3. The price of domestic roller blinds is really cheap: the price of a standard 150*150cm window is about NT$3000~4000.

blackening blinds

Blackening blinds

1. The windows are too wide and too high to be suitable.
When the area to be used becomes wider and larger, the roller blind will become very heavy. Basically, the metal axle accessories that control the roller blind up and down have a load limit. After the load is exceeded, you can still pull up and down at the beginning of use, but it is very difficult. Even with semi-automatic leaf spring blackening blinds, it won’t take long before your roller blinds start to get out of hand! As a result, some blackening blinds slide down as soon as they are pulled up, because the rim of the reel has been “abrased” and cannot be damaged.

blackening blinds

2. The area used is large, and the roller blind is easily absorbed by the wind shear in the gap of the window, and the noise from the lower edge knocking on the window frame is not small!
Roller blinds are mostly made of pp canvas material, so the area is too large and too long, and the edges will curl inwardly like scalding flowers after a long time of use. In addition, because it is thin, it is easy to be directly adsorbed to the window or sucked into the window edge when you open the window to ventilate~

Please take this into consideration, because unprofessionals will recommend using roller blinds for too many people’s access to drying clothes on the back balcony. Most of the recommended words are similar: “This is close to the kitchen, simple is good!” ‘No one can see it here, it’s better if it’s cheap! 

Simple and cheap are not the core of the problem, the problem is the convenience of use! I do not deny that I have used and recommended such phrases myself a few years before I started running the curtain store, but after a few years, customers have kept in good touch with each other, and most of the reactions I heard were: “Mrs. Zhong, The roller blind from the kitchen leading to the back balcony kept running into the door, making it difficult for me to open and close the door. I never put it down after that…”『The roller blind in my room wanted to be removed because it was so noisy oh! When the wind blows, the weight under the roller blind keeps hitting the window frame…』

3. It is really not easy to clean the roller blind! And the hardware bracket will rust!

For some simple roller blinds with no carvings or hollows on the surface, you may be able to use the method of wiping. Impossible to wipe! Because the holes will absorb fine dust! And it is very afraid of water. Once there is moisture in the hole, the probability of mold on the whole window will increase by 100 times!

And the bracket of the roller blind must not get any moisture, because the bracket of the roller blind is made of iron. Although it is very durable, it will rust if there is iron. This is an eternal problem…

Finally, if you still want to use roller blinds, the precautions are as follows:

1. Pay attention to the selection of roller blinds in the bathroom:
Roller blinds can be more mold prone than you think! The hardware accessories of roller blinds will actually rust!

2. Attention should be paid to the selection of roller blinds in the kitchen:
Roller blinds may not be as easy to wipe as expected, and even easy to absorb odors that cannot be removed!

blackening blinds

3. Pay attention to the selection of roller blinds in the bedroom:
Roller blinds are made of plastic, just don’t forget the bad plastic smell after new installation, it may take a while to fade it…

4. When choosing roller blinds in the living room, pay attention to:
The hardware of roller blinds is different. If the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room are too large, you may encounter maintenance problems in a short time…

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