Black window treatments

Black window treatments are always in fashion in interior decorating. Are you looking for something eye-catching for your home, but you quickly find that black walls or dark furniture are bold? With these five window treatments, you can definitely grab attention in your interior without going overboard!

1. Black Wood Shutters

Black wood shutters have a luxurious, stylish and sturdy look. Using the switch and pull cord, you can easily determine the amount of light and privacy you need in your home. The wider the slats, the more space there is between the two, and thus the greater the view from the inside to the outside, and vice versa. Black shutters are a real eye-catcher that instantly catches the eye. In rooms with plenty of daylight, the blinds open automatically. Also, black shutters can be combined well with different colors and really fit into any interior style.

Black window treatments

2. Black pleated curtains

Opt for black pleated curtains with a top-down bottom or bottom-up system. With this system, you can operate the curtain in both directions and determine the desired height yourself. Additionally, pleated shutters are suitable for different types of windows and can be installed in a variety of ways, so drilling and screwing may not be necessary in some cases. Opt for black pleated curtains with a double weave for optimal blackout and insulation. Do you want to limit the view from outside to inside to a silhouette? Then pleated curtains with sheer or translucent fabrics are a good choice.

Black window treatments

3. Black curtains

  • Curtains are the real mood-makers in the house. Curtains are available in a wide range of dark fabrics and sheer materials, so there is something that will perfectly match your interior style. Whether you’re looking for blackout drapes for your bedroom or something in between for your living room, we’ve got the right drapes for every room.


  • Curtains provide the perfect balance between openness and privacy, making them ideal accents for living rooms. This type of curtain can provide just the right amount of light in the house without letting bright sunlight into your home. The middle curtain is made of sheer fabric but provides enough privacy from prying eyes. Plus, the middle section is made from floor-to-ceiling fabric, so no seams are visible on the curtain fabric.

Black window treatments

blackout curtains for bedroom

  • Do you want more blackout curtains in your bedroom? Then dark lined curtains are a good choice. The darker the color and the thicker the fabric, the better the shading effect. There are more benefits to dark and lined curtains than blackout. They provide insulation, sun protection and sound insulation. It’s ideal if you’re bothered by annoying ambient noise, or if you often work night shifts. Remember there is always a visible light gap at the top or bottom of the curtain.

4. Black Roman blinds

  • Roman blinds are simple drapes with horizontal pleats in the fabric that can provide an attractive upgrade to your interior decor. Roman blinds have weighted slats, also known as ribs, that keep the shades taut. The ribs can be attached to the front or the back. If you choose the ribs at the back, the curtains will not hang down, but straighten. Roman blinds can be combined in different dark colors and fabrics. Choose from sheer, translucent or matte fabrics. Depending on the type and color of the fabric, you can determine the desired exterior and interior views.

5. Black shutters

Black shutters are an attractive window trim that can be used on a variety of window shapes. The stylish look of the shutters makes a statement in your interior decor. For example, black shutters are often considered too bold. Black wooden shutters are definitely eye-catching and also give the house a classic and welcoming look. Tilt the slats into the correct position and enjoy the sunlight entering your home. The shutters are available in a variety of dark colors, slat widths and wood types.

PLEASE NOTE: Dark colors are more sensitive to scratches due to the smooth textured structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of black window decoration

Black window treatments are the focal point of your home, and they have both advantages and disadvantages. We list for you:


+ dark curtains for a modern and stylish look

+ Dark curtains provide more darkness

+ black window treatments combine and contrast well with other colors


  • – Dust and grime are more visible on darker colors

    – Black is not heat absorbing, so absorbs more heat

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