How to clean blackout curtains

With the improvement of people’s income, more and more blackout cloths have entered thousands of households. However, the cleaning of best material for blackout blinds cloth is a science, and there are many problems that need attention.

1.Use tools

1. There will be a lot of dust on the surface of the blackout curtains. We first use a feather duster or other tools to clean the dust on the surface of the blackout curtains.
Then slowly disassemble the blackout curtains. If parts get stuck during the disassembly process, do not rush to pull them hard, but slowly take out the surrounding curtains, and then remove the parts. After the parts of the best material for blackout blinds box are removed, a special box should be used to collect the parts, so as to avoid missing parts during installation.

best material for blackout blinds

2.Soak in water

2. After the blackout curtain is removed, put it in a basin and soak it in warm water for about half an hour. When soaking the blackout curtain, you can add some detergent to facilitate cleaning of the blackout curtain.
The fabric of the blackout curtains is inconsistent, and the detergent that is too acidic or too alkaline will damage the fabric of the curtains, so it is best to add a neutral detergent here.

best material for blackout blinds

3.Different washing methods

After soaking, you will start to wash the blackout curtains. The materials of the blackout curtains are different, and the washing methods are also different. Velvet, flocking and silk curtains are not suitable for washing with a drum washing machine. If possible, you can use a top-loading washing machine. Cleaning, if not, it is recommended that you wash it by hand.
Fabric or linen blackout curtains can be cleaned with a drum washing machine.

How to clean blackout curtains

1. To clean cloth curtains, just remove the curtains and clean them directly. When soaking the curtains, choose a detergent according to the material of the curtains. Generally, use a neutral detergent to soak the curtains, and then wash them.

2. Curtains containing flannelette, silk fabrics and some high-grade fibers can be washed directly with a washing machine. It is recommended to send curtains of this kind of material to a dry cleaner for cleaning. This will not damage the material of the curtain.

best material for blackout blinds

3. The curtains on the plastic surface are not suitable for cleaning. This kind of material is easily damaged after being exposed to water and detergent. After this kind of curtain is dirty, just use a feather duster to dust off the dust on the surface of the curtain.

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