How to choose high-quality curtains?

The curtain market is also mixed. Large factories and small workshops can produce curtains. Best blackout shades seem to be similar, but there are details everywhere. These details are also very important, because we need to pull curtains every day. Good curtains, just More durable, beautiful, and shading, sound and noise reduction

1. Look at the stitch code of the best blackout shades

If the stitch size is too sparse, on the one hand, it will affect the overall appearance, and it does not look three-dimensional and crisp; The crumpled ones are very ugly, and the seams will be uneven, which will affect the overall appearance and effect. A good stitch size is about 3.3 cm and 12 stitches. The stitches are even, flat and durable, unlike the curtains of some small workshops, the stitches are crooked , The needle code is uneven, which affects the effect of the curtain.

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2. Look at the side of the best blackout shades

When we choose curtains, we must look at the craftsmanship of the side. The side is exposed outside for a long time. Opening and closing the curtain will pull the side, so the side is very important, because whether the width to the edge is the same size directly affects the overall curtain. The appearance effect is like the width of the side of the curtains in some small workshops. smooth.

3. Look at the curtain seams

Curtains are now spliced in order to match the overall home design, but if the splicing process is not good, it will be easy to open after a long time, and it is not beautiful. High-quality curtains use dress technology, splicing first and then wrapping, without any rough edges. 

The thread ends are exposed outside, and it is very smooth from the front of the curtain, unlike some small workshops where the thread ends and raw edges are exposed outside, which is not beautiful and easy to be damaged after a long time.

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4. Choose physical blackout curtains instead of chemical blackout curtains

Chemical shading is not environmentally friendly, and it is easy to age. High-quality curtains are made of physical shading curtains, which are added with encrypted black silk. Pure physical shading, the shading rate is also very high

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5. The fabric of best blackout shades are skin-friendly

Good curtains are made of high-quality, skin-friendly fabrics, which are environmentally friendly and safe

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