What kind of curtains do you choose for the bathroom at home? Is there anything special about it?

The bathroom is a very private space and the curtains in this space should be chosen carefully. Since Bathroom windows curtains in this space must have good privacy, there is a need for water resistance, mold resistance and other functions. Here are the curtains to choose from.

The bathroom windowsis the one that gets overlooked:

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First, waterproof. The waterfall here is not waterproof, but the waterproof function of the curtain. The bathroom is more humid, more water vapor. If they are regular curtains, they can get wet often. The quality and age of the curtains will be compromised.

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Bathroom windows

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Composition:100% Polyester.

Width: 2.5m-2.8m
UV Protection: 90%-95% Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996
Light Fastness: 5-6 (Blue Scale) Tested to ISO 105-B02:2014

Fabric Name – Code: UNZ19

Composition: 100% Polyester

Style:Zebra 7.5cm x 5cm
Width: 2.85M
Weight:237 g/m² ±5 %

Roll Length: 50m ± 5m or Customized

Bathroom windows

The bathroom is the one that gets overlooked:

It’s mildew proof. Mildew tends to develop in humid environments. Ordinary curtains are easy to mold in a humid environment for a long time. Therefore, the curtain should pay attention to the anti-mold function.

Fabric curtains are very wide, but it is not recommended to use in the bathroom, some fabric curtains are too thick, put in the bathroom in this humid environment, the curtain may fall off because of too much water absorption. And it is not easy to clean, once stained, the whole curtain has to be washed, very troublesome.

Bathroom windows

The best choice is the “five anti-zebra curtain”, which has five functions of “waterproof, fire, sun protection, mildew and formaldehyde”. Perfect for use in the bathroom. First of all, it is waterproof, will not absorb water in a humid environment, keep dry; Second, it’s mildew resistant, and it won’t mold in the bathroom.

It’s sun protection, fire protection and formaldehyde protection, so health and privacy. It’s the perfect choice for shower curtains.

The color of the bathroom windows curtain is forbidden:

The bathroom is the home of filthiness, geomantic omen if these muddy gas flow into the home, then we must find a way to solve, then hanging in the bathroom curtain can solve such geomantic omen.

If the door curtain is used in the bathroom to block, the door curtain with a darker color is more appropriate, the water consumption of the bathroom is large, and the moisture is also very serious, so the quality of the door curtain should be good, must be good, and the size should be moderate, not too large or too small.

1. Blue

Hanging curtain in the bathroom window is also very geomancy pay attention to the color, if the residents want to seek official luck, you can choose a blue curtain, hang it in the male master’s study, or need to move around the area, while the blue curtain gives a fresh feeling, can make people feel comfortable.

2. Red

The red curtain helps to enhance the luck of love, suitable for single or people who need to increase popularity. Red curtain is very festive, but also full of vitality, is a more positive symbol.

Bathroom window curtain geomancy is exquisite:

1. Fabric curtains

Hanging bathroom curtains can completely block the dirty gas from the bathroom, and can also effectively protect privacy. Curtains can effectively decorate the home environment and create a small and fresh atmosphere in a pastoral style.

Bathroom windows

2. Crystal curtain

Crystal curtain appearance is more delicate, will become the choice of many families, in addition to the crystal curtain to bead-based, can be used as a fortune to ward off evil, used as a barrier to use, hanging crystal curtain in the bathroom, can resolve the pollution of the gas, play the role of regulating geomancy.

The bathroom door curtain, also known as windscreen, is equipped with a toilet door curtain, which can play a role in protecting privacy and also improve the feng shui of the home. However, when choosing a curtain for the bathroom, if the choice is inappropriate, it will lead to negative consequences.

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