Bathroom window coverings

It’s nice to have a window in the bathroom! It can make your bathroom beautiful and bright. In addition, opening the window after showering is also good for moisture evaporation. You can also look at the scenery outside while taking a shower. However, it’s less pleasant when neighbors across the street can also see inside. Therefore, the bathroom needs more privacy than any other room. Bathroom window coverings are the perfect solution to blocking the view of prying neighbors. But in such a humid environment, what kind of window coverings is the best choice?

PVC bathroom window coverings

Wooden blinds are very popular because they offer many options in terms of privacy and light. In addition, they fit into any interior. However, wood is not very resistant to moisture. That is why wooden window decoration in the bathroom is not a good idea. Fortunately, there is a solution: wood-look blinds. These bathroom window coverings are made of PVC. This material is resistant to dirt and moisture. It is also easy to clean. PVC bathroom window treatments can hardly be distinguished from real wood. Moreover, they are cheaper than real wood!

bathroom window coverings

Pleated bathroom window coverings

Pleated bathroom window coverings possibilities in terms of privacy and light. Especially if you choose a top-down – bottom-up system: the curtains can be opened from above or below. Do you want to look outside while taking a shower? And don’t need to worry about being seen by others, then you can just open the top curtain. Is your bathroom often cold? Then double pleated curtains are also a solution. The still air between the two layers of fabric has an insulating effect. This means that both heat and cold are blocked.

Custom bathroom window coverings

  • Customization is especially important when it comes to bathroom curtains. A custom window treatment not only fits the wall well, but it can also be designed to personalize your bathroom curtains just as you want. Do you have questions about bathroom window coverings? Feel free to call or email! Our enthusiastic team is happy to provide window decorating advice.

bathroom window coverings

What window coverings are not suitable for the bathroom?

  • Above we have listed the most suitable bathroom window coverings. But there are also window coverings that you should absolutely avoid: wooden blinds and screens. Why? You can read that below.


Wooden blinds

  • Water splashes can cause wood to discolor, but humid air can also damage wood quality. Cracks and deformation may result. So, it is not a good idea to use wooden shutters in the bathroom. Love wooden shutters? Then choose PVC slats for a wood look. These are virtually indistinguishable from real wooden shutters!


Roller shutter

  • Humidity can cause the roller shade fabric to shrink and even mold. So, it is not recommended to use roller blinds in the bathroom. Roller blinds are chosen to ensure that others cannot see the interior of the room during the day. But at night, it is dark outside and there are lights inside, which is very easy to leak privacy.

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