Basic and Premium Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric Manufacturer Roller Blinds Wholesale Suppliers 1 PLY Fiberglass 3 PLY PVC VINYL

Basic Vinyl Roller Shades
Basic Vinyl Roller Shades Fabrics Manufacturer 1 PLY fiberglass 3 PLY PVC VINYL

Fabric Basic and Premium Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric Manufacturer roller blinds wholesale suppliers

The Basic Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric is made of 1 PLY Fiberglass 3 PLY PVC. The fabric is fiberglass and PVC film laminated, With excellent light-shielding performance and flatness, this fabric is widely used in blackout roller blinds, Blackout Panel Blinds, Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric Manufacturer, roller blinds wholesale suppliers. At the same time, The main capability and characteristics are Waterproof, Flame resistant, Mildew proofing, Anti-UV, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, Easy washing, Good capability of heat maintenance. In addition, It’s an Eco-friendly and PB Lead-free fiberglass roller blinds fabrics, so it is also commonly used in various indoor spaces, such as airports, hotels, offices, shopping malls, and homes.

Basic Vinyl Roller Shades

It is a composite fabric for roller blinds based on fiberglass and coated with 3 ply of PVC, specially designed to avoid UV rays. It acts as an acoustic and thermal insulator. the Basic Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric is characterized by offering maximum privacy to any space, allow to completely isolate the light from the outside and are very resistant. They are also easy to clean and install. Other advantages do not take up much space, thanks to its design which allows the fabric to be rolled up and hidden. Its operation is extremely simple since it can be done manually by pulling the chain or automatically using a remote control that allows you to go up and down, they can be motorized.

Basic Vinyl Roller Shades

UNITEC is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Basic and Premium Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric Manufacturer 1 PLY Fiberglass 3 PLY PVC, roller blinds wholesale suppliers. With superior heat and reflection properties it assists in maintaining an energy-efficient environment comfortable living environment. Available in 10 colors, And the colors can be customized. the T-PVC URB03 and PVC URB3500 are suitable for both roller and panel blinds. The nature of PVC ensures that the collection is durable, moisture-resistant and long-lasting while still retaining an attractive appearance. Available in a range of colors that coordinate well with other UNITEC ranges and can be used with the Roller Blinds, Panel Blinds.

roller blinds wholesale suppliers, FIBERGLASS WINDOW BLINDS FABRIC FEATURES:

    A process of materials used in fabric manufacturing to prevent biodegradation and chemical decomposition.
  2. ANTI-UV
    Glass fiber can be a better alternative to polymers when it comes to UV degradation.
    Reduces static electricity, which can damage electrical components such as a computer or ignite flammable liquids.
    Fire-resistant reached B1, NFPA701 grade.
  5. 100% BLOCKOUT
    Sufficient to blockout 100% of a direct light source, maximum light absorption, heat insulation, and low thermal conductivity.
    Washable, waterproof fabric to keep mud and dirt off, easy to clean.

The Basic Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric has passed the SGS, OEKO-TEX, and Intertek certifications. ODM and OEM services are available. There is no Minimum Order Quantity.



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