Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo curtains

Wooden shutters have been in great demand over the years. understandable! The wood adds a lot to the atmosphere. Additionally, the louvers provide a lot of control over the view and the incidence of light. After all, you can tilt the slats as well as raise and lower them. Recently, bamboo curtains have also become more and more popular. Not sure if you want bamboo or wood shades? Then read it quickly! In this article, we have listed all the pros and cons of bamboo blinds.

Advantages of bamboo curtains

It’s no wonder bamboo shades are so popular. bamboo curtains have many advantages. We listed the three most important factors: lightweight, durable and affordable. Below we explain them in more detail.

bamboo curtains

1. Lightweight

First, bamboo slats are narrower than wooden slats. This is why bamboo blinds are lighter. This makes them easier to handle. Very handy in places where you often raise and lower your shades. For example doors. Not sure whether it’s better to choose wooden or bamboo blinds? Then weight may be an important determining factor.

2. Durable

  • Sustainability is a hot topic today. That’s right! We should be more careful with our planet. Bamboo grows very fast. Three times faster than the fastest growing tree! Therefore, it is a more sustainable option than wood.

3. Economy

  • This rapid growth rate is not only good for the planet, but also good for your wallet! The material is much less. This is why the price of bamboo is more attractive than that of wood. So is price an important factor in your decision-making process? Then choose bamboo curtains! This way, you not only save money, but also contribute to nature. This is a win-win decision!

Disadvantages of bamboo curtains

  • After reading the advantages, you are of course also curious about the disadvantages of bamboo curtains. We had to think long and hard about this. Bamboo shades are almost just about looking good! However, we found one downside: moisture resistance. We will discuss this in more detail in the next paragraph.

Bamboo curtain for bathroom

Every now and then, we get asked if bamboo blinds are right for a bathroom. Compared to wooden blinds, bamboo blinds can resist moisture very well. Therefore, bamboo curtains were also chosen for the bathroom. However, we do not recommend this: even bamboo shades can deform under the influence of moisture. The chances of this happening are much less than with wooden shutters, but it is possible. Therefore, PVC blinds are a better choice! This material is very resistant to moisture and dirt. Are you not sure whether to use bamboo or PVC curtains for your bathroom? Then be sure to buy PVC blinds!

bamboo curtains

Custom Bamboo Blinds

You have come to the right place, UNITEC can customize bamboo blinds. No matter which shade you choose, we measure it to the millimeter!


bamboo curtains

Free color samples

Have a look before you decide? no problem! That’s why we offer free color samples. You can order them online easily and quickly. Samples are usually shipped the same day. After reading this article, do you still have questions about the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo curtains? Or do you have a completely different problem? Feel free to call or email! Our enthusiastic and professional staff will be happy to help you!

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