Hundreds of curtains are recommended, let’s see what are the differences between various types of blackout curtains?

The last step of interior decoration is usually to add software to the interior to add a soft and warm atmosphere to the interior. Various types of blackout curtains, in addition to changing the decoration atmosphere, the most important thing is their functionality, but there are various types in the market. Balloon shades, what is the difference between them? It will be clearer with diagrams here!

Traditional style balloon shades

Generally, traditional curtain fabrics can be divided into jacquard fabrics that have a shielding effect but not light-shielding, sandwich fabrics with black gauze inner layer to block light, and 100% curtain fabrics.

Jacquard Blackout Curtains
During the production process, warp threads and weft threads are interlaced to form various concave-convex patterns. Some yarns are dyed and then interwoven with yarns of different colors to form fabrics. Flat patterns can be woven according to the design, and three-dimensional structures can also be woven. The overall texture is more noble. The fabric is divided into pure cotton jacquard and blended jacquard.

The shading effect of jacquard cloth is only about 50-70%. The fabric is light and soft, and it is suitable for friends who like natural light to penetrate into the room but need to maintain a private space.

balloon shades

Sandwich Blackout Curtains
Sandwich blackout curtain fabric, as the name implies, is black yarn woven between the upper and lower layers of blended fabric. The fabric is thicker than jacquard fabric, but the shading rate can reach 85-99%. In addition to isolating the light source, it can also help isolate the inside and outside air. Temperature convection can effectively maintain the effect of indoor cooling and heating.

When some friends are sleeping, as long as there is a ray of light, it will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, a few years ago, it was popular to put two layers of sandwich cloth together to pursue the effect of two layers and achieve a 100% shading effect. But the disadvantage is that when the curtains are removed and washed, It will feel like you are doing heavy training (laugh~). Generally, small-sized balloon shades can be cleaned by household washing machines, but for larger-sized blackout curtains, do not test the axis of the washing machine. It is more convenient to send them to professional dry cleaning.

100% blackout curtain fabric
The latest fabric-making technology is a 100% blackout curtain fabric with special four-layer glue coating on the fabric. The difference from the traditional flocking backed fabric is that the fabric is soft to the touch, has a good drape, and is lighter in weight. Lightweight, the surface can be printed directly, and the color of the surface fabric will not be affected by the bottom of the black yarn. In addition to being 100% shading, its functionality can also help isolate indoor and outdoor air circulation, effectively maintain the effect of cooling and heating rooms, resist ultraviolet rays, sound absorption and water repellency , Dust-proof, is currently the most functional balloon shades fabric on the market, very popular with consumers and designers.

Sheer curtain

Seamless yarn
The height of the seamless yarn is fixed at 270-280 cm, and the material size is calculated in width. Without vertical seams, the whole curtain is formed in one piece, which is more beautiful visually. The density of seamless yarn is relatively loose, and the degree of perspective is high. Some of the surfaces are embroidered with lines, flowers or totems, so that the gauze curtains present different aesthetics and styles.

five feet yarn
Like ordinary curtain fabrics, the width is between 145-150 cm, and the degree of perspective and shading is between seamless yarn and jacquard fabric. In addition to making surface patterns with electric embroidery and embroidery, patterns can also be printed, Cartoon pattern, the shading effect is only about 20-30%, but the texture is soft and the shading is high. If the distance between the buildings outside the window is wide enough, you will not look directly at the distant neighbor’s house at close range. Friends who like to be bathed in natural light, Single installation of opaque five-foot yarn is also a good choice for curtains.

balloon shades

Dimming curtains
Dimming curtains are also called zebra blinds. This type of balloon shades adopts circular fabric retractable, and uses the intersection of PVC cloth and mesh to adjust the range of vision and the degree of light entering. The advantage is that you can control how much vision you want to cover, which can not only ensure privacy, but also control the light source.

However, if you want to achieve a shading rate of more than 70% indoors, dimming curtains are not a suitable option. After all, its main advantage is that it can be adjusted by itself. It is inevitable that there will be some light penetration, but it is very suitable for the study, office, and commercial space that require energetic spaces.

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