What type of awning should I choose?

Installing an awning is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take full advantage of outdoor spaces such as the terrace. Today, this type of device is available in a wide variety of models, in order to best meet the expectations of each user. Here is an overview of the most reliable and efficient blinds that you can install either on the front of your house or in specific places such as windows.

The awning

The awning remains one of the greatest essentials in the development of outdoor spaces. Typical of café terraces and of course the terraces of individual houses, it is presented as an articulated and folding horizontal awning. Equipped with a high-performance fabric, the device is established as an excellent sun and UV protection. In addition to mitigating the heat, it also protects you from the rain. Regarding its installation, the awning easily finds its place on the facade of the house. Moreover, if you live in an apartment and upstairs, and you still want to install an awning, it would therefore be more practical to position it under the balcony of the neighbor upstairs.


Awning with box

Also known as an awning with integral box, the box awning has, as its name suggests, a box that provides full protection for the awning. The principle is simple. When the awning is in the folded position, the fabric, the arms and the motorization are integrated directly into the box. It should be noted that this level of protection depends largely on the use of the device as well as its exposure to bad weather and climatic conditions outdoors. From an aesthetic point of view, the presence of the storage box is an excellent way to discreetly integrate the blind into the facade of the house.

Awning without box

  • Better known as a one-piece awning, the awning without a box does not have a storage box. Above all, it is the most economical and accessible sun protection on the market. Light and easy to install, this solution is however interesting when you have a roof return deep enough to protect the awning. Be aware, however, that in addition to indicating the absence of a protective box, the term “one-piece” is used to indicate that the arms, the wall brackets and the roller tube brackets are all connected on a one and only block. When the blind is folded in the closed position, the rolled up fabric remains outside and is therefore exposed to dust and ambient humidity.


Half box awning

The half-box awning is still a good compromise between the unibody model and the full-box version. Also known as a semi-integrated awning or box awning, the device comes with a box that only protects the fabric and motor. However, the arms are still folded out of the trunk. Its main advantage is the overall protection of the canvas.

Polyester canvas is considered the cheapest awning solution on the market. Sensitive to UV light, it still tends to weaken and discolor over the years. Although its resistance over time is questionable, polyester canvas will still occasionally protect you from the sun.

On the other hand, the microporous fabric has good UV resistance with a rejection rate as high as 79%. The colors are very durable and the canvas is completely resistant to deformation and tearing. In addition to limiting heat gain, the micro-perforations allow air to pass through to ventilate the space covered by the awning. Although it is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain, this coating is not waterproof. UNITEC’s awning microporous fabrics provide exceptional performance.

Acrylic fabric has the best UV resistance and filters up to 80% of UVA and UVB rays. With heavily dyed fibers, the color won’t fade. The 100% acrylic fabric also avoids the greenhouse effect and eliminates up to 95% of glare and heat. Since the awning waterproof fabric is corrosion resistant, there is no risk of moisture and mildew.


  • Exterior vertical awning blinds are an excellent heat shield that is both beautiful and elegant. Most importantly, it provides optimal protection when exposed to sunlight. By unfolding horizontally and vertically on the window frame, it absolutely does not interfere with the opening of the shutters. The principle of operation of vertical blinds is simple. Thanks to the relatively concealed winder, it winds up directly on the upper part of the window. Today, vertical awning blinds are available with or without boxes. For the first case, the storage system ensures that the entire device is protected from bad weather. Today, vertical blinds come in a variety of configurations. You can choose from roller blinds, rod shutters, cable models or versions with slides or zipper slides.

What fabric?

  • The choice of fabric for awning obviously depends on your needs. UNITEC fabrics have good properties. If you want to benefit from sun protection and sun protection while maintaining air circulation, the microporous PVC version would be a smart choice. On the other hand, you’ll prefer a sturdy PVC canvas for weatherproofing. In addition to being completely durable for a few years, the acrylic fabric also guarantees excellent protection against UV rays. On the other hand, crystal fabrics are the ideal solution for vertical blinds equipped with pergola.

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