Advantages of the various window treatments

Are you looking for new window decorations for your home? Are you wondering what kind of curtains are the best? We have listed for you the various advantages of each type of shutter. This way you can easily and quickly discover which window treatment will suit your interior!

Advantages of aluminum shutters

Aluminum shutters not only look stylish and luxurious, but they are also very functional. For example, 25 mm wide slats provide thermal insulation. This keeps your house cool in the summer and very warm in the winter! Additionally, almost all aluminum shutters are moisture resistant, making them suitable for use in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. They won’t rust! Therefore, these blinds are very functional and a great addition to your interior.

advantages of shutters

Advantages of wooden shutters

As the name suggests, wooden shutters are made from real basswood. This gives the shutter a tough, natural look. Add unique charm to your interior! The blinds are easy to operate with a control cord, so you can make your own decisions about the light and privacy in the room. If you take good care of your blinds, you can enjoy your blinds for many years!

Be careful, as wood shutters are not suitable for placement in damp rooms or rooms with large temperature fluctuations.


advantages of shutters

Advantages of PVC blinds

  • PVC blinds are made of plastic and are moisture resistant! So you can keep them in damp places like bathrooms. Plus, these shutters are less expensive and easier to maintain than wooden shutters. This window decoration is easy to work with, so you can decide for yourself how much light or privacy you allow in the room. Finally, you can choose blinds with or without trapezoidal tape so that it really reflects your taste.

Please note that the dark color of PVC blinds will absorb heat. This causes them to deform. Therefore, we strongly advise against hanging dark PVC shutters on south facing windows.

advantages of shutters

Advantages of pleated shutters

  • Pleated blinds are unique and functional because they have a top-down bottom-up feature that allows you to move the top and bottom of the pleated shutter independently. This adds a unique look to your interior and allows you to easily play with the lighting in your home. The pleated blinds come with a control cord and a control handle, so you can decide for yourself how to operate the pleated blinds.

  • A major advantage of pleated blinds is that the curtains consist of two layers of fabric that cross each other to form a honeycomb structure. This ensures that the room is well insulated. Finally, these curtains are so versatile that they can even be used for tilt and turn windows.


Advantages of Skylight roller blinds

Skylight roller blinds are ideal for attic dormer windows. Blackout and heat resistant, these roller blinds are very practical. Skylight roller blinds are available for sloped windows, such as attics. Finally, you don’t have to worry about measuring your windows because each attic roof window includes a sticker with the window and model code. These codes correspond to the sizes available in our online store.

advantages of shutters

Advantages of Roman blinds

  • Roman blinds are beautiful in appearance, creating a classical and romantic living room atmosphere.  Furthermore, Roman blinds are convenient to use because the fabric of the curtains can be folded. Therefore, Roman blinds take up less space than ordinary curtains! Roman blinds are also easy to maintain because you can wash them. Be sure to read the care label carefully in advance.

Roman blinds are available in translucent, transparent or blackout versions. Finally, they also have an insulating and damping function to create a pleasant acoustic effect, for example in a living room.

Roller blinds are versatile because they fit a variety of window types and are easy to operate. Roller blinds are available in translucent, transparent or blackout variants. Not only are they functional, but they’re also affordable! Plus, the roller blinds are attractive and you can choose from a wide range of colors. There is something for everyone.

Advantages double roller blind

  • Last but not least, double roller blinds! Rather than completely blackout, double roller blinds allow light to pass through, perfect as mood makers. Double roller blinds are easy to operate. It is up to you to decide how to use different strips to determine the level of light and privacy in the room. Double roller blinds bring a unique touch to your interiors and make your home complete!

What suits your interior?

Now that you’ve seen all the advantages of the different types of window trim, you can see which one best suits your taste and interior. You can request free color samples so you can determine if a color or a material will really suit your interior.

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